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Haydon Bridge


NE47 6ET

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Watch and Clock Museum,


Repair Workshop


Hi, I'm Dinah and I think my Dad's got the best job in the world. He gets to repair so many different types of clocks and visit lots of different houses. I get to go with him as his assistant if I'm good! Something always seems to happen when I do!

It can be very exciting but sometimes quite scary. You'll have to read or listen to the stories if you want to find out what happens!


My special friend is Louis my cat.

Louis loves fish but I don't like them

very much so he sometimes eats them for me.

Especially kippers - yuk!

It's my job when I'm not at school

to wind up all the clocks in the shop

and make sure they keep ticking and don't stop.



Dinah winding clock

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