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'Off to The Towers', 'Snowed In!' and The Mr George song.
Mr George audio CD one
Book 1- Mr George is asked to repair a special clock for Colonel Grant at Burnhope Towers. He takes his daughter Dinah with him and their journey turns into a bit of an adventure.
Mr George book 1- Off to the Towers
Book 2- It is nearly Christmas when Mr George and Dinah go to the home of Harold the Shepherd to repair his big wall clock. They are so busy working they don't notice the snow falling outside. Will they be able to get home for Christmas?
Mr George book 2-Snowed In
Book 3- Mr George and his daughter Dinah travel to Mr Piper's house (by the sea) to repair his grandfather clock, but something rather fishy happens!
Mr George book 3- A Fishy Tale

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