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Who is Mr George?


The Mr George the Clock Man stories are a series of children's books written by Diana Bell and are based on a real character- her father- who was a watch and clock repairer in Northumberland last century.


It was when Diana's own children were quite small that she came up with the idea of writing the Mr George stories for children. Growing fed up of reading all the usual books to her children she thought about inventing her own character and as they always say- write about what you know and so the Mr George stories were born. They are all based around experiences Diana had when she was young, growing up in her father's watch and clock repair shop. In the stories the town in which they live is called 'Woolburn' and is loosely based on Wooler in North Northumberland where her father had a shop for a number of years and specialised in antique clocks. In the stories Diana- 'Dinah' travels with her Dad out to houses to repair clocks and is all about the things that happen on the way. All the events are based on real happenings.


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